What is silage?

Forage which has been grown while still green and nutritious can be conserved through a natural ‘pickling’ process. Lactic acid is produced when the sugars in the forage plants are fermented by bacteria in a sealed container (‘silo’) with no air. Forage conserved this way is known as ‘silage’ and will keep for up to three years without deteriorating. Silage is very palatable to livestock and can be fed at any time.

Innovation Consortium today brings you a machine that will make your work of making silage very easy because it does:

  • Chopping
  • Threshing
  • Suction
  • Production Capacity:
     Big machine        :    2 tonnes / hr

       Small machine   :    1/2 tonnes/hr

  • Fuel Consumption
      2.3 litres / hr
  • Cost of Big_Size Machine  

               Ugx 4.1m without engine

               Ugx 6.2m with a Chinese engine

  • Cost of Small_Size Machine
            Ugx 2.5m without an engine

              Ugx 3.5m with a chinese engine

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