Exposing and Skilling Individuals

We expose them to challenges in different technical fields and we show them what has been and being done, that’s:

Mechanical, construction and I.T fields, in the future we add on medical, electronics, robotics and surveying fields.

We promote forward thinking and open mindedness among individuals.

On the skilling side, individuals learn on job/work and we encourage hands on.

Some of the things they learn;

  • Mechanical field
  • Metal fabrication
  • Work safety
  • Operating different workshop tools
  • Setting out
  • Welding
  • Making domestic furniture out of steel


How different machines and components work

Interpreting basic mechanical drawings

Fabrication of machines

Installation of machines in industries/factories

Operating and testing of machines

Information Technology Gap bridge;

  • Basic computer operations.
  • Proper and useful of using Internet.

Construction Field

Making Interlocking stabilized soil blocks

Casting Precasts and T-Beams.

Interpreting architectural drawing

Setting out a house, columns and beams

Assembling and casting precast slab

Other fields we hope to expose them in;

Electronics, robotics, medical and surveying

Developing and Prototyping Concepts

We develop concept and prototypes and where possible we produce them on a bigger scale.

We encourage individuals under training to come up with their ideas, sketch them and if possible prototype them.

Currents we have two workshops, office floor and board room where these activities take place

Medical Outreaches

Members of I.C do medical out reaches under Marjorie Charity foundation, and this activity is funded by well-wishers (outside individuals) and members of the consortium

Think Cube

We have a platform where ideas/ challenges are discussed in detail and solutions/ way forward are generated with the highest level of expertise, professionalism and experience. Since the group has a good number of experienced professionals. Currently we have lunch our discussion which takes place three times a week.

Multi Disciplinary Projects

Projects are both single and Multi-disciplinary

Currently I.C is aim at getting work which requires multiplying team especially in the field of science. Since it has all these people at its exposure. We are targeting work in engineering, architecture, medical etc

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