Construction     Precast slabs      ISSB      Roofing       Thin Shell Concrete
 Construction     Precast slabs      ISSB      Roofing       Thin Shell Concrete
 Construction     Precast slabs      ISSB      Roofing       Thin Shell Concrete

  We do both engineering and cadastral surveying (establishment and re-establishment of real property boundaries).  We also help in the acquiring of land titles

 Factory Installations     Machine Designs     Machine Fabrication

electrical works

 We produce electrical drawings and we do installations for both low and high voltages. We do electrical installations for industries, commercial andresidential buildings.

– Electrical drawings
– Electrical installation and calaculations
– industrial wiring
– high voltage transmission line
– residential wiring

iot  We do web and mobile application development. We also do Networking for large corporations, small businesses, professional offices and government organizations.

What we do

  • Epidemiology

Surveillance, disease outbreak investigation and response on measles, cholera, dysentery and red eye and prepared situation reports and final outbreak investigation and response reports

  1. Avoid future out breaks
  2. Handling future outbreaks “ ( Uganda which areas)”
  • Research

Research in HIV prevention,

National tetanus study in 17 sites nationwide

Safe Male Circumcision, PMTCT, HIV care and treatment

Correlation between Safe Male Circumcision and Tetanus

  • Consultancy and treatment of Patient

We have a well fully facilitated health center (Tobiah) in Bweyogerere where we offer medical services.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitored and evaluated Safe Male Circumcision, PMTCT programs in Uganda

  • Medical out Reaches

We visit vulnerable communities / villages and provide free medical services.

  • Data collection, cleaning and Analysis

We carry out data collection, cleaning and data analysis. We have developed national indicators, databases and epidemiological analysis of data used to inform program implementation.

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